Custom Event in Brazil

on 18 Nov, 2014 in Distributors


On Wednesday November 12th took place in Piracicaba (Brazil) an event organized together with our distributor DILUTEC.

In this event a presentation of our company BUFAtec Spain was made and several equipment of BÜFAtec that are already distributed and sold in Brazil was exhibited.

We show the gelcoat spraying unit type 6-C and the fiber spraying unit type 12-C. Special mention deserves the UNI 125 machine that was also shown in all its versatility that means acting as a laminating machine, a projection machine and also as an injection unit.

We were proud to attend 47 guests to the event not only from Brazil but also from further countries of South America as Paraguay, Peru and Ecuador. They all were able to manipulate the exhibited machines and to make all kinds of questions to our staff moved to Brazil.

This event was a success thanks to the excellent organization and management of the same made by the staff of our friends of DILUTEC.