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Machine unit type HD-20 solid surface


Máquina modelo HD-20 coladas / Máquina modelo HD-20 coladas

Equipped with a high volume pump of 920 ml and a power of 20:1.

This machine is ideal for working with high filled resins and recommended for the use on solid surface applications.








Gelcoat spraying unit type 6-C Multi 8


Gelcotera modelo GSU 6-C Multi 8 | Gelcoat spraying unit typ 6-C Multi 8

Machine for spraying gelcoat in eight different colours. Machine with the eight pumps mounted on a robust frame.

Main pump used type 6-C with 55 ml capacity.

Externe mix gun Century.

Colour change very easy and comfortable due to bayonete connection for the hoses without any kind of cleaning. 



GSU Delta 5.5 Multi 4


DELTA Multi 4

Gelcoat spraying unit Delta 5.5 for four different colours.

Machine mounted on a mobile frame for a comfortable handling.









High volume pump


Bomba alto volumenOur high volume pumps offer an output of 920 ml per cicle and have a ratio power of 20:1.

Highly recommended for several powerful applications.